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Following Coach Patton: 01/29/11


Dear Bronco Friends,

There is a verse in a popular song that our team likes to listen to, which is "when I get knocked down,  I get  back up again".  Yesterday, the Bronco Men's Tennis Team bounced back from a heart wrenching lost to #12 Kentucky with a fulfilling upset victory over #30 Wisconsin by a 4-0 score. 

Well, we are flying high right now (there is no better feeling then a victory to make the flight back to Boise sweet". ) Our young bunch, just keeps getting better and it showed by our 4-0 victory over #30 Wisconsin in Kentucky for the National Kick Off tournament.

In a nutshell, we kicked off such a fantastic day with our doubles teams coming out firing.
Our # 2 doubles team of the Redwood Forest (our giants of Jeff (Tower of Power) Mullen and Nathan (the Big Easy) Sereke got our steam roller going by quickly taking a quick lead and then never looking back with a 8-3 victory. 

This team started off playing together in the National Collegiate Tennis Classic in La Quinta several weeks ago and they suffered two heartbreaking tie breaker losses to UCLA and Pepperdine. That was followed by a another 9-8 loss in a tiebreaker to the University of Pacific. But the great thing about these matches is that they hardened the resolve and fine toned the skills of our tall sophomore and freshman. This past weekend they took down two doubles teams from top ranked schools.  The school of hard knocks is paying off with some straight A's results.

Our number three team of Filipp Pogostkin and Andy Bettles (another sophomore/freshman tandum) was motivated by the dominance of their #2 comrades on the adjacent court.  They lost the first 9 points of the match, but seeing the #2 team dominate, they relaxed, changed their tactics and stayed back on the baseline and pounded groundstrokes like a punching bag and took 8 of the next nine games to secure the doubles point with a 8-3 win.

We took special care of honoring the doubles point by sweeping the singles.  First off was Jeff (Tower) Mullen who won at #4 singles with a 6-3, 7-5 win. I was especially proud of our hottest player (He has won three of his past four singles matches this spring) for he was challenged by his Wisconsin opponent when his serve was broken at 4-3 in the second set (after winning the first set 6-3).  He hung on to regain his momentum and put up the Broncos 2-0. 

Next off the court was our #2 singles player Fiipp Pogostkin who has been taking the tough losses of the previous three dual matches as a learning lesson and keeps coming back to compete as a better player. Today, he was magificient in winning 6-3, 6-3.  It was like watching a beautiful sunrise after a stormy night when Pogo maintained his composure, and constructed his point play like an architect.

Sealing the deal was our #1 player (#62 ranked ) Damian (Damo) Hume who battled for over two hours to secure a 6-4, 7-6 (7-5) victory for the team.

#3 Scotty Sears displayed his ever present courage in twice breaking his opponents serve when he was serving for the match. It was disappointing not to be able to see Scotty finish the match (under tournament rules all matches are discontinued if the team match has been decided) for he fought his heart out to tie the match at 5-5.

We are now getting ready to fly to Minneapolis on Thursday to play ##25 Virginia Tech on Saturday, Feb. 25 and #33 Minnesota on Sunday, Feb. 6.  The Bronco Men are now 2-2.

Congratulations to our #38 Bronco Women under Coach Roghaar who defeated Harvard (4-3).

The following is a poem, that our poet Andy Bettles wrote on the plane flight home from:

Kentucky last night. 

The Ballad of the Bleeping Blues

The Boys of Boise,
Travelled far from Home,
To Kentucky,
Where they speak with a drolling tone.

The Broncos of course,
Were the Underdogs,
But they stole the doubles,
Like fire from the Gods.

The Wildcats were angry,
Oh they did scream and Roar,
And knocked those Broncos
down to the floor.

They woke up the next morning,
Dazzled and flat,
But this is where
We have to tip our Hat.

Each and everyone,
Of those Galliant Blues,
Stood up and was counted,
They refused to lose.

So they headed back North,
To the wind and the rain,
This day shall always be remembered
As when a Badger was slain.

by Bronco Poet Andy (Bezley) Bettles

***the trip to Kentucky was not only a boost to our youngsters, but also our players made lasting friendships with our housing families of Diane and John Atchison, Dorothy and Woodie Van Meter, and Peggy and Guy Colson.  Thanks so much for their kindness, support and friendship to our Broncos!

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