Non-Profit & Charitable Organization Guidelines

Non-Profit & Charitable Organization Guidelines

Boise State Athletics Department believes it is important to be invested in our great community and is proud to support it and charitable organizations in the following ways.

These guidelines have been established to allow the Department of Athletics to support philanthropic and community service initiatives in a fair and consistent manner in accordance with the university's mission and policies related to these efforts. NCAA regulations will be applicable to all requests.

1) Broncos in the Community: Boise State student-athletes volunteer annually to support various organizations, community events and educational activities.

Organizations interested in having Boise State student-athletes to provide support with their projects may make a request through this link: Project Support.   Please allow up to 3 weeks prior to your event date for your request to be processed.

Student-athletes are limited to a thirty minute radius drive from the University to the event location. Appearances cannot last more than two hours (including driving to and from the location).  Student-athletes will be driven to and from the event by a Boise State staff member. Athletics teams and individuals representing the Department of Athletics may not be responsible for the administration, management or collection of any funds. 

Student-athletes may not be personally asked to participate in these events, as it could compromise the student athlete's eligibility under NCAA rules. Student-athlete appearances are fulfilled based on availability. No student may miss academic or athletic responsibilities to participate in an appearance or community event and priority will be given to athletic related duties.  Specific student-athletes cannot be requested.  Boise State reserves the right to refuse any appearance, in its sole discretion.

2) Charitable Donation Requests:  Boise State assists many charities each year with fund-raising efforts through donations from the Bronco Athletics Department. Due to the large volume of requests received each year, Boise State Athletics has established an application / policy for all donations. Items donated, including ticket donations, are subject to availability and administrative approval. To request a donation, organizations must complete their donation requests using the following page: Guidelines/Application for Charitable Donations & Purchase of Athletic Items 

3) Autographed Bronco Memorabilia:  Organizations/individuals seeking autographs and/or autographed items for auctions, prizes or give- away items, etc. are required to follow the autograph request guidelines: Autograph Request Policy.

Please also note the Autograph Request Policy below as applies to personal items.

4) Game Day Commercial and Non-Profit Solicitation and Other Activities.  Sideline passes, game day team meals, locker room access and other similar "fan experience" packages are not available to organizations for auctions, raffles, prizes, give-aways, and such like.  Boise State University does not allow sales of merchandise of any sort, distribution of promotional materials and/or solicitation of funds on university property, unless separately approved in writing by and through Bronco Sports Properties. This includes all Boise State operated parking lots and university property surrounding all athletics facilities, before, during or after Boise State athletics events.  More information regarding the commercial activity and non-profit solicitation policy governing Athletic events if found here: Commercial and Non-Profit Commercial Activity and Solicitation Policy.

5) Boise State Name and Trademarks: Organizations may not use or associate themselves with Boise State through use of its name, logos, slogans, colors, mascot, trademarks, service marks and other indicia related to the university, its programs and services, and its athletics teams with any fundraising event or promotion without the advance written permission of Bronco Sports Properties on behalf of Boise State.  For additional information contact Bronco Sports Properties via cc

6)  Bronco Merchandise for Fundraisers.  All products bearing Boise State marks, whether sold, raffled or otherwise distributed, whether by a Boise State entity or by a third party non-profit, must be produced under license.  Licensing revenues fund Athletic programs and the University General Scholarship Fund. 

Boise State has an arrangement with Plushland that sells a number of Boise State items that are specifically for the purpose of charitable fundraising.  Plushland pays the licensing fees to the University on behalf of the fundraiser.  More information can be found here: 

For information about getting a license for other Bronco product to be used for fundraising, more information can be found here:

6)  Photographs of Student Athletes.  A student-athlete's name or picture or likeness may not be used to promote a commercial product or a business or other organization.  Such use could compromise the eligibility of that student-athlete under NCAA rules.  Photographs of student athletes may not be sold or used promotionally.  Game day photographs may be purchased for personal use via (insert link to .  These photographs are for personal use only and may not be used for fundraisers, prizes or other promotions, even if for non-profit organizations.


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