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Broncos Split to UTEP Invitational, EOU Open

► WHAT'S HAPPENING - The Boise State track and field program will split for the third weekend in a row, sending athletes to the UTEP Invitational in El Paso, Texas, and the EOU Open in LaGrande, Ore., Saturday, April 14.

► UTEP INVITATIONAL MEET SPECIFICS - A handful of Bronco athletes will head south to the UTEP Invitational, Saturday, April 14. The meet will be hosted at UTEP's Kidd Field. 

The women's hammer throw starts the meet off at 10 a.m. (CT). Running events begin at 3 p.m. (CT) with the women's 4x100-meter relay and end with the men's 4x400-meter relay at 6:50 p.m. (CT).  

Participating teams in the meet include: Abilene Christian University, Boise State University, Central Arizona College, Grand Canyon University, Kansas State University, New Mexico State University (women), Rice University, University of Arkansas (women), University of Kansas, University of Nebraska and University of New Mexico.

A full meet schedule and full meet results will be available at:

Representing the Bronco women at the UTEP Invite, include: Jessica Bottelberghe (800m), Taryn Campos (200m, 4x100, 4x400), Mackenzie Flannigan (200m, 4x100, 4x400), Emily Funkhouser (400 hurdles), Destiny Gammage (200m, 4x100), Debra Johnson (long jump, triple jump, 200m), Racquel Jones (100m, 200m, long jump, 4x100), Sasa Kampic (javelin), Megan Kelley (400m, 4x400), Alexis Keyes (triple jump), Jamie Knapp (800m), Andrea Morones (javelin), Alyssa Osai (discus, hammer), Cyntrail Pierce (200m, 4x100, 4x400), Tajanee Simmons (100 hurdles, 200m) and Mele Vaisima (shot put, discus, hammer).

Competing for the men are: Eric Capelle (100m, 200m, 4x100), Jeff Daw (400m, 4x400), Dusty Klein (800m), Trevor Kraychir (hammer), Will Lohamn (shot put, discus, hammer), Justin Malnes (100m, 110 hurdles), Matthew Moyer (800m), Paul Robertson (400m, 4x400), Kenny Roseman (long jump, triple jump), Bret Scheve (100m, 400 hurdles, 4x100), Chase Sexton (shot put, discus), Rolando Trammel (100m, 110 hurdles, 4x100, 4x400), Eetu Viitala (long jump) and Manoah Wesson (100m, 4x100, 4x400).

► EASTERN OREGON OPEN MEET SPECIFICS - Another handful of Broncos stay a little closer to home this week, heading to LaGrande, Ore., to compete in the Eastern Oregon Open on Saturday, April 14 at the EOU Track and Field facility.

The Broncos will take on Eastern Oregon, Treasure Valley Community College, Northwest Nazarene, as well as other competitors. Field events begin at 12 noon (MT), while the women's 4x100-meter relay is slated for 2 p.m. (MT) and the men's 4x400-meter relay closes the meet at 4:45 p.m. (MT).

No live coverage will be available at the meet; however fans can follow the EOU Athletic Facebook and Twitter accounts for some updates.

Admission to the meet is free to the public.

Competing for the Bronco women, include: Sam Alderman (200m, 400m), Yvonne Bennett (100m, 200m), Amelia Claude (400m), Heidi Dorling (pole vault), Emily Field (200m, 400m), Michelle Glass (high jump), Kate Holman (100 hurdles), Shannon Jacobs (100m, long jump), Steffanie Jordan (400m), Marissa Opatz (800m), Megan Opatz (400 hurdles), Paige Orcutt (400m), Samantha Risa (pole vault), Nadine Russell (hammer), Kady Stafford (hammer), Mattie Stanford (3000m steeplechase), Andrea Wilson (400m), as well as 4x100 and 4x400-meter relay teams.

The men will compete with a smaller group, including: Anthony Belcher (200m, 400m), Kyle Brush (800m), Edidiong Essien (100m, 200m, long jump), Tyler June (800m) and Chris Manuele (pole vault).

► RANKINGS WATCH - The 2012 USTFCCCA Division I National Team Computer Rankings for the outdoor week #2 were released April 10.  The Boise State men dropped two spots this week, now sitting at No. 39, while the women jumped 42 spots to enter the rankings for the first time during the outdoor season at No. 145. .

Based on this season's results for the men, Kurt Felix ranks No. 4 in the decathlon for the USTFCCCA rankings, as well as No. 15 in the long jump and No. 33 in the javelin. Chase Sexton sits at No. 42 in the discus, while Rolando Trammel ranks No. 49 in the 400-meter hurdles. Based on last season's rankings, Alex Nelson (15) and Trevor Kraychir (30) rank in the hammer, while Sawyer Bosch (22) and Eetu Viitala (26) rank in the steeplechase and long jump, respectively.

On the women's side, Alyssa Osai and Mele Vaisima jumped into the USTFCCCA rankings this week based on this season's marks. Osai sits at No. 34 and Vaisima at No. 36 as the only Bronco women in the USTFCCCA rankings this week.

In this week's TFRRS rankings Kurt Felix holds the most top-100 spots for the Broncos sitting at No. 3 in the decathlon, No. 8 in the long jump and No. 17 in the javelin. Chase Sexton ranks No. 27 in the discus and No. 68 in the shot put, while Will Lohman ranks No. 65 in the shot put and No. 75 in the hammer throw. Trevor Kraychir sits at No. 80 in the men's hammer throw, while Manoah Wesson ranks No. 89 in the 400-meters, Dusty Klein ranks No. 69 in the 800-meters, Drew O'donoghue-McDonald is No. 88 in the 1500-meters and Rolando Trammel is No. 30 in the 400-meter hurdles. The men's 4x400-meter relay also ranks this week, sitting at No. 96.

For the women, Alyssa Osai sits at No. 25 in the hammer throw, while Mele Vaisima is right behind at No. 27. Alexi Morton ranks No. 48 in the heptathlon rounding out the Bronco women ranked in the TFRRS top-100.  

The TFRRS rankings are based only on 2012 results, whereas the USTFCCCA rankings take into account the final 2011 rankings of some athletes. 

► CONFERENCE LEADERS - The Broncos have a solid group of student-athletes who hold top-three spots on this week's Mountain West Conference performance list. Felix leads with three top-three spots at No. 1 in the decathlon and javelin and No. 2 in the long jump. Will Lohman holds two top-three spots at No. 1 in the hammer and No. 2 in the shot put. Chase Sexton also holds two rankings, sitting at No. 2 in the discus and No. 3 in the shot put. Others holding conference leading spots include: Manoah Wesson (400m), Emma Bates (1500m) and Rolando Trammel (400m hurdles). Broncos holding No. 2 spots include: Drew O'donoghue-McDonald (1500m), Trevor Kraychir (hammer), Alyssa Osai (hammer), Alexi Morton (heptathlon) and the men's 4x100-meter relay. Broncos holding No. 3 spots in their events include: Dusty Klein (800m), Justin Malnes (110m hurdles), Allan Schroeder (steeplechase), Mele Vaisima (hammer), the women's 4x100-meter relay and the men's 4x400-meter relay.

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