Head coach Beck Roghaar appreciates the home support.

Women's Tennis

Boise State Women's Tennis Among National Leaders in Attendance

March 12, 2014

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) released its first attendance report for the 2014 season and among those ranked is the Boise State women's tennis program. For the first time the ITA has started tracking attendance at women's tennis matches this spring. It proved what Bronco Nation has know all along, that Boise is home to some of the best tennis fans in the country. For the month of February Boise State was ranked sixth in total attendance and ninth in average.

"What an exciting time for Boise State women's tennis. To be a part of a list like this speaks volumes to the amazing support we get here at Boise State and for our program," said head coach Beck Roghaar. "Bronco Nation is such a big part of what makes being a student athlete here such a wonderful experience. Being able to showcase all of your talents, passion, and hard work in front of such big crowds is truly the experience of a lifetime and one that resonates with players long after their time on the courts has come to an end. I'm very proud of such a great milestone for our program, and we look forward to packing the Appleton Tennis Center with even more fans now that we will be playing outdoors for the rest of the season."

Boise State's total attendance in February was 833 for six matches, that comes out to an average of 139 fans per match. It may not seem like much compared to larger sports such as men's basketball and the like. But the Boise State women's tennis team is in the company of some of the most prestigious collegiate tennis programs across the country with schools out of the Southeastern and Big 12 Conferences.

Ranked first in total attendance was Baylor with 1,927, second was Georgia at 1,150, third Texas Tech at 970. In attendance average the leader was Georgia at 288 per match, followed by TCU (219), Baylor (214), Texas Tech (194) and fifth went to Alabama (180).

The list of schools that the Broncos are ranked with is pretty impressive when you look at the fact they are all from what is considered the top-five conferences in athletics nationally. The only other mid-major school ranked with the Broncos is Gonzaga which was ranked eighth in total attendance at 721 and in average at 144 per match.

February Leaders
Total Attendance
Rank. School (Total)
1. Baylor (1,927)
2. Georgia (1,150)
3. Texas Tech (970)
4. Alabama (899)
5. Texas Christian (877)
6. Boise State (833)
7. Minnesota (778)
8. Gonzaga (721)
9. Florida (655)
10. Duke (642)

Average Attendance (Min. 3 Matches)
Rank. School (Average)
1. Georgia (288)
2. Texas Christian (219)
3. Baylor (214)
4. Texas Tech (194)
5. Alabama (180)
6. Tennessee (172)
7. Florida (164)
8. Gonzaga (144)
9. Boise State (139)
10. Duke (128)

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