Women's Soccer

SoccerFest Sunday After the Game!

Sept. 6, 2014 Boise State women's soccer will host SoccerFest immediately following the home opener Sunday, at the Boas Tennis and Soccer Complex (1507 S. Oakland Ave.). The event will be free to those attending the match between Boise State and Idaho State, which kicks off at noon (MT). Fans will receive free admission to the soccer match by showing their ticket from the Saturday football game against Colorado State.

The postgame festival will include myriad events for kids and youth soccer players, headlined by a host of on-field promotional activities including the Bronco coaches and student-athletes.

"This is the first of many new steps we're going to take toward presenting a more comprehensive program for our fans," said head coach Jim Thomas. "We are going to improve the game day experience when they come support us. There will be a lot of interaction with the players, prizes and fun. We're looking to create a relaxed family atmosphere that gives them greater access."

SoccerFest will also feature facility tours, photo opportunities with the team and Buster, autograph sessions and other on-field activities. Kids will have the opportunity to run through the tunnel, just like the Broncos. Also, fans will receive free ice cream sandwiches.

"We want to create a better relationship with the community that supports us and allow them greater access to us," Thomas said. "When the team is winning games we want the fans to know they're winning games too. When our players have success, we want our supporters to feel a responsibility for it. That reflects what Boise is as a city, as well as what Boise State is as a university and athletic department."

Be on the lookout for more opportunities to interact with the Boise State women's soccer team throughout the season.

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