State Board Approves Amended Contract for Bryan Harsin

Feb. 19, 2015

BOISE, Idaho - The Idaho State Board of Education today approved an amended contract for Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin.

The state board also approved a three-year contract for defensive coordinator Marcel Yates.

Harsin's new contract with Boise State is a five-year agreement retroactive to Jan. 11, 2015, and terminating on Jan. 10, 2020.

This new agreement comes after Harsin guided the 2014 Bronco team to an overall record of 12-2, the 2014 Sports Authority Mountain West Football Championship and a 38-30 victory over 10th-ranked Arizona in the VIZIO Fiesta Bowl on Dec. 31, 2014.

"Coach Harsin has proven he has what it takes to lead our student-athletes on the field as well as ensure that they maintain a focus on academic success," President Bob Kustra said. "This is the Boise State way, and as a graduate of our College of Business & Economics and a Bronco for life, no one understands this better than Bryan."

The 12 wins activated an automatic one-year extension to Harsin's employment agreement. Under his previous contract, Harsin was awarded a one-year extension for winning nine-or-more games (including bowl games) in a season. In the new agreement, the number of wins Harsin needs to earn an automatic one-year extension will only be eight games.

The base in Harsin's new five-year (2015-19 football seasons) compensation package will be $6.25 million.

"Coach Harsin and his staff did an excellent job guiding our program through the transitional period last winter to the 2014 VIZIO Fiesta Bowl victory," Boise State Director of Athletic Mark Coyle stated. "This extension reinforces Boise State's commitment to Coach Harsin and his staff."

In the new agreement Boise State will also pay Harsin a one-time bonus payment of $100,000.

Boise State also announced today it will provide $100,000 to Harsin for one-time bonuses to his assistant coaching staff.

Yates will have a base compensation of $330,000 for each year of his three year agreement for a total of $990,000.

Along with the success Boise State has had on the field this past season, the Bronco football team continues to show their excellence in the classroom. Boise State's current Academic Progress Report (APR) score of 988 tied the Broncos with Utah State for the third best among the 76 teams competing in postseason bowls this year. Duke had the top score of bowl teams at 992, followed by Wisconsin at 989.

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