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Boise State Volleyball's 2015 Summer Preseason Training Camp Blog

Welcome Bronco Nation to the 2015 Boise State volleyball preseason training camp blog. Check back regularly over the next two weeks to see what is going on with the team and see what they are experiencing. The blog will give you a look at the team through the eyes of the three seniors: Sarah Baugh, Aly Duffin and Katelyn Kinghorn, along with a few guest entries from the five newcomers.

Sixth Installment
By Katelyn Kinghorn
Sr. | Outside Hitter | Rigby, Idaho
Monday, August 17

This morning we started our day off with our weight trainer, Kelly. We love Kelly, she is fantastic. She definitely knows what she is doing and how to help us with our sore muscles. We got a much needed stretch and warmup in before we started our lift. After we went through our workout for the morning we stretch some more and then hit up the fueling station, where we can grab snacks.

This morning we had a three hour practice. We worked on individual position specifics things. And then we came together in the middle court and did some scrimmaging. Scrimmaging is always fun.

My teammates are all really competitive and want to do their best. But one thing I've noticed is that they also want others to be at their full potential. Everyone on the team gets along extremely well, a lot of teams don't have that luxury. We have a very special group of girls.

After practice we got ready for the boosters BBQ. We sat with one other teammate at a table and boosters came in and sat with us. It was so fun to talk to them. I had an older couple who just had their 50th wedding anniversary this past week sit by me, as well as two other gentlemen. Aly Duffin was at my table, ironically the guy that sat next to her was from her same hometown in California (Loomis) and they even attended the same high school. It was fun to hear them talk about that.

The food was delicious. All of the fall sports were introduced to the boosters. We went up on stage as a team and introduced ourselves. That was kinda fun but always a little nerve-racking getting up in front of people. I think we did alright though. The people of Boise are special and you can't help but feel close. All of the boosters that were there were very excited for the fall sports to begin and so are we!


Fifth Installment
By Katelyn Kinghorn
Sr. | Outside Hitter | Rigby, Idaho
Friday, August 14

Today consisted of watching film, talking about it and talking a lot about communication. We started out doing that as a team. We also talked about the preseason pulls and where everyone including the coaches think everyone is going to end up.

Moving into the next phase of our day we had a short practice that included going over and reviewing drills we do on game day, like serve and pass. Then we where split up into two teams, for our scrimmage tonight.

Everything was kept routine and reenacted just as if it was game day.

The scrimmage was a lot of fun. It also exposed a lot of things that we need to work on and practice, but over all it went pretty well. It was a lot of fun to play with and against each other. It will be great to get in the gym tomorrow and see what the coaches have in store for us!

Fourth Installment
By Sarah Baugh
Sr. | Setter | Poulsbo, Wash.
Thursday, August 13

Day four of fall camp is in the books. We started off our day by heading off to weights with Kelly our strength coach. As soon as we got into the weight room she got us fired up and ready to go. It was nice being able to lift some weights and get our muscles going before our first practice.

After weights we went to practice from 11-2. It was nice because we were able to break up into different courts based on position and work on our particular position. The details are really important and breaking up into different courts gives us the opportunity to perfect the skills in our game.

Later on, around 3 p.m., the team headed to the film room to learn how to effectively watch film. Film is really important because it helps us pick up what we are doing wrong, what other teams do, and also what we are doing well.

Finally, at 5 p.m., we headed to our final practice of the day. We finished doing a lot of 6-on-6 drills and the gym was full of fiery competitors. It was super fun getting to see how a game is going to look here in the near future. We are all looking forward to day five!

Third Installment
By Aly Duffin
Sr. | Middle Blocker | Loomis, Claif.
Wednesday, August 12

Today was day three of fall camp! The team was up bright and early to help the freshmen move into their permanent dorms for the rest of the year.

In our first session of practice, we focused on the basic fundamentals of passing and setting, and then moved into position specific drills. By the end of practice we were playing competitive 6-vs-6.

Our coaches had a fun activity planned in between practice sessions 1 and 2. Our team was going to challenge the soccer team to a game of softball at Donna Larson Park. To our surprise, we ended up kicking butt, having a lot of laughs during competition, and beating the soccer team 7-5. Checkout the Photo Gallery

During our second session of practice, we warmed up our sore muscles and got right into playing 6vs6. Our team looked very scrappy and everyone was working hard to improve. It was encouraging to see that what we had been drilling on all day was transforming into a clean and controlled style of play! We left practice feeling accomplished and I know we're all excited for our first weights session with Kelly Lopez tomorrow. LETS GO BLUE!

Second Installment
By Katelyn Kinghorn
Sr. | Outside Hitter | Rigby, Idaho
Tuesday, August 11

Day 2! Even though it is only day two we are starting to put things together.

For the first session we started out playing one of our favorite warm-up games, quarterback! It's kind of like Queens Court mixed with hot potato. There are two teams of two on each side. Each team is only allowed to catch the ball once and then they have to throw it right back to the other team trying to make them missed the ball or drop it. There where some pretty awesome diving catches.

We followed that by working on more serving. Serving has definitely been priority in every practice so far. Followed by that we worked on our ball handling skills, this included a lot of passing. Starting out stationary and working our way to shuffling, running, and eventually diving for balls. Next, we got to hit off of the setters and work on timing. We ended the first session with some light 6-on-6 serve receive work.

For today's second session we worked on some more serving and passing, followed by lots of jumping and hitting. It was fun to see what the new comers are capable of, they are doing great. Once we had worked on a couple of skills we started piecing them together and adding more players on the court, working our way into playing 6-on-6. As we played 6's the drills got faster and it was fun to start playing things back and forth. During this phase blocking was emphasized, things got more competitive and made the time fly.

To finish off the day we ended with a little batting practice! What? Tomorrow (Aug. 12) we are scheduled to play the women's soccer team in a "friendly" softball game to give us each a break from our fall camps. I have to say my team is looking pretty awesome even though we are just a bunch of tall volleyball players. Soccer better bring their A-game if they dare have a chance.

First Installment
By Sarah Baugh
Sr. | Setter | Poulsbo, Wash.
Monday, August 10

Day one is officially in the books! Fall camp 2015 started today and it was great to be back. We excitedly got up bright and early to get pretty for pictures at 8 a.m. Shortly after we headed to the gym for our first practice at 10 a.m. It was short; but not easy. We welcomed four new freshman and one transfer, so it was nice being able to incorporate them in drills. We now have a big team! After practice at 11, we went to the BRC (Boise River Cafe) to enjoy lunch.

At 3 p.m. sharp we started our second practice of the day. It was really nice to see how each player worked and developed throughout. One person I noticed in particular was Sabryn Roberts. She worked really hard all day and showed some really good skills that can help us this season. Looking forward to day two tomorrow!!

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