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Sept. 23, 2016

BOISE, Idaho - Senior utility Corey Hendrickson brings a healthy dose of levity and positivity to the Boise State softball team, and now she'll be sharing that with our fans. This season, Corey will be keeping Bronco fans up-to-date on the goings-on of the team with her blog, "Corey Corner."

The first entry precedes Boise State's fall exhibition opener this Saturday against Northwest Nazarene at 1 p.m. at Dona Larsen Park.


Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017

ALERT! We play our first game in 8 days. We leave to Hawaii in a week...where has the time gone? I know it has been a while since I wrote last, but we suit up next weekend. Since you all have been in the dark and wondering what we have been doing for these last couple of months, let me speed you up. We wrapped up fall semester with a solid win against NNU for our last fall game and we set our sights ahead to our first spring game. Fall semester was put in the books, but we ended on a high note. We set a record for the highest GPA with a 3.38 in school team history! Proud is an understatement when I look at all of the benchmarks Team 9 has already accomplished even before season has begun.

We reported back January 3 and got to work. Spring training was definitely a grind, but spirits stayed high regardless of sore muscles and aches. Fast forward to last week, the team attended Academic Recognition Night at the boys basketball game against Nevada and we were recognized for our success off the field. In past years, Simplot chooses a single senior standout for excelling in school and giving back to the community, but this year Simplot chose our team for the Simplot Spotlight Award!

This Saturday, February 4, Boise State softball is holding a kickoff dinner at the Red Lion and I invite all of you to attend! Cocktail hour starts at 5 p.m! Please come join us to see what this team is all about this year. Dress up, have some tasty food, and meet the players before we head out for our first games on February 9th!

More information and to register for a seat can be found online at

Signing off,


Monday, Oct. 10, 2016

What a weekend it was for your Broncos! This past weekend we drove down to Utah to face BYU and UVU. This was the trip that set the tone for the rest of the season. On the drive there, we watched a film on the 2007 University of North Carolina women's soccer team. What was so important about the film was that it showed how a champion team created a winning atmosphere. There was a lot of similarities shown and said between this national, contending team and this team. The film not only brought tears to some of the girls on the team, but it showed how this team can stand apart and make this year something truly special to be apart of.

BYU and UVU are great contenders and they help show us what we expect to see in the spring because if you have not yet looked at our schedule, we are playing UVU! These games not only showed us areas for improvement, but gave us a measure on how Team 9 is different. We ended the weekend in Utah with a 23-6 win over Utah to give us smiles for the ride home to Boise.

This upcoming weekend, our parents and families are coming, so naturally we are looking forward to see them again, but Rob Miller is also coming to talk to the team. If you do not know who Rob Miller is, you need to look him up because he turns good teams into great ones. We were first introduced to him last year, in the fall, and he helped root values that have carried over into this 2016-17 season. Rob Miller is part of the proactive coaching alliance and goes to major division one schools to talk and create winning atmospheres for teams who use a mediator between the players and the coaching staff. He will be coming to speak about these sort of aspects to create togetherness to help us propel even further as a cohesive unit.

MARK IT IN YOUR CALENDARS: Saturday, October 15 at 12:00 PM we are playing College of Southern Idaho and Sunday, October 16 at 12:00 PM we are playing Eastern Oregon. I expect all of you to come out in your orange and blue to cheer us on and be a part of something special in the making!

Signing off,


Friday, Sept. 23, 2016

Time has been ticking by quickly, especially at the beginning of the year when our schedules are jam-packed with exciting adventures with a new team. We have added onto the roster eight freshmen and two transfers. Although, our team has more fresh faces than returners, the comradery that we have already created in the first month is something that I have not seen in my first three years of college. FLIP IT!

Fall is our off-season and since we are not able to battle on the field, we have been trying to win at other things, such as community service. Our goal for the year is to collect a minimum of 25 hours per person, but at the rate we are going at, our team goal will be easily reached. This past weekend the entire team helped paint faces and play with kids at the Hyde Street Park Fair which was a great experience for all. On top of that, some of the team have been volunteering at other events like a Make-A- Wish dinner to help raise money for a sponsored child by doing a talent of their choosing or going to the ADA County Juvenile court system to speak to troubled teens and play some basketball.

This week is also quite exciting because we are in preparation for our first fall game against NNU this weekend. Put it on your calendars people! Saturday, September 24, at 1:00 PM be at Dona Larson Park to cheer on your Broncos! I am pumped to see what this team is going to accomplish this year and with that said, I hope to see you all this Saturday!

Signing off,

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